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“Takes the science of writing persuasive advertising that SELLS for any product or service, and makes it simple.”

Scott Murdaugh,
Marketing Strategist
Springfield, MO


“Gil-Ad Schwartz could very easily become the next Gitomer for the Advertising world. His style brings to the forefront common sense that relates direct to profits.”

Kim Kalan,
VP Marketing & Sales
Route 29 Caramels
Golden Valley, Minnesota


“I’ve long said that the best copywriters also make great teachers, with that rare ability to make key points so clear and easy to understand -- they seem obvious... Gil-Ad Schwartz proves that point, presenting deep concepts with a practical, easy-to-grasp approach.”

Alan Carr, Author,
Carr’s Copywriting Checklist for Professional Copywriters

Are you looking for a speaker?

You may have heard the story before — but probably not the way I tell it…

It’s November of 1978.

In an isolated commune deep in the jungles of Guyana, cult leader Jim Jones gathers his followers and instructs them to commit mass suicide. Under his watch, some 910 people take their own lives by consuming a lethal cocktail of cyanide, vodka, and strawberry flavor-aid.

Survivors of the event report that, when asked to ingest the poison, most of Jones’ followers comply not only calmly, but also unquestioningly — some even eagerly. It’s this blind obedience which is later referenced in the expression “to drink the kool-aid.”

How does a man like Jim Jones — or any cult leader of the same ilk — persuade close to 1,000 people to willingly take their own lives? Literally: how? What psychological factors does he put into play to command that kind of hold over his followers? What does he say or do to place healthy, normal individuals under his spell?

I find this sort of question fascinating.

In fact, I find most questions about salesmanship and persuasion fascinating. For example, how does an ordinarily cautious person fall victim to the “too good to be true” claims of a confidence trickster? How does one politician gain power and popularity, while another — though at first glance an equal opponent — remains largely ignored? How does a pick-up artist seduce a married woman within 30 minutes of first meeting her?

Or how about this:

What separates a salesman who closes 80% of his sales appointments from one who closes 10% or 20%? How can a lawyer win over a jury before the first piece of evidence has been presented? How can a relatively small business communicate an air of prestige and exclusivity?

If you think your audience might find these questions — and their answers — as fascinating as I do, then maybe you’d like me to present at your next conference, dinner, or training day. I’m very flexible: I can do a more abstract presentation on a particular theme; I can do a concrete, step-by-step training workshop. I can center the talk on a specific topic (e.g. the techniques of con artists) or on a particular outcome (e.g. how to effectively pitch your ideas). It all depends on what you want; I tailor-make each speech for each unique audience.

You should know that I love speaking opportunities. It’s because presenting is a type of performance art… and I am, at heart, a performer. There’s little I enjoy better than engaging a crowd. And it shows — I believe this is kind of wholehearted passion is what makes the difference between giving a presentation to the audience, and giving a presentation for the audience.


Notwithstanding expenses, I don’t charge a speaking fee. Instead, I ask that you take the sum you would have spent on a speaker and donate it to Mind— a UK charity which provides support to those who suffer from psychiatric disorders and other mental illness (Reg. No. 219830).

NB Your donation may even be tax-deductible. Consult your tax advisor.

Beyond that, I ask that you cover my travel expenses and reasonable incidentals. The standard I ask for is (a) business class for international travel; (b) first class for domestic travel; (c) taxis for local travel. Where overnight accommodation is required, you’ll be thrilled to discover I’m nowhere as precious as I am when it comes to air travel.

Note that I travel with an assistant, so all of the above applies to two people.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves

Let’s start at the start:

Are you interested in a keynote, workshop, or presentation on an aspect of salesmanship and persuasion? Would you like me to custom-build for you something compelling, fun, and informative… something I believe your audience will love and still remember years from now?

If you would, then let’s talk on Skype or on the phone. Just give me a few of your contact details and I’ll be in touch to schedule a time:

Get in touch

“Gil-Ad’s advice is direct and actionable... His insights on salesmanship, customer- (not company-) focused ads and measurable results are refreshingly simple.”

Chris Williams,
MBA (Harvard)


“Concise and credible... takes much of the confusion and clutter out of what good advertising is all about.”

Tim York, CEO
Unistraw Int’l Ltd
Sydney, Australia


“The letter Gil-Ad wrote for us got a 6% response rate and brought in over £23 for every £1 we spent on the mailing. It is -- by far -- the most successful fundraising package in the club’s history.”

Philip Young,
Secretary 2011-13
Oxford University
Pistol Club


“[15-minutes of advice] like a college course in sales copy.”

Will Atkinson
Texas-based online entrepreneur


“You are amazing in your copy, I love the [headline idea], that is light years ahead of what I had and that was just off the top of your head. Wow.”

Edward W. Smith, MBA
New York

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