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“Takes the science of writing persuasive advertising that SELLS for any product or service, and makes it simple.”

Scott Murdaugh,
Marketing Strategist
Springfield, MO


“Gil-Ad Schwartz could very easily become the next Gitomer for the Advertising world. His style brings to the forefront common sense that relates direct to profits.”

Kim Kalan,
VP Marketing & Sales
Route 29 Caramels
Golden Valley, Minnesota


“I’ve long said that the best copywriters also make great teachers, with that rare ability to make key points so clear and easy to understand -- they seem obvious... Gil-Ad Schwartz proves that point, presenting deep concepts with a practical, easy-to-grasp approach.”

Alan Carr, Author,
Carr’s Copywriting Checklist for Professional Copywriters


Silver Bullets

Six of the easiest, quickest, and most effective ways to crank up your response rates

Imagine what it would be like if you could say a “magic phrase” that made your ideal clients instantly decide they want to work with you.

I’m not talking about a mere rational preference here. I’m talking about borderline obsession. I’m talking about a trance-like state in which the client wants you and will settle for no-one else.

Got the image in mind? Good. Because that’s the sort of image most people associate with advertising and persuasion — as if it’s some hypnotic dark art; the domain of Jedi mind tricks and subliminal references.

Sadly, much of what I do is nowhere near as fun. A successful ad is built, first and foremost, on a compelling offer and a strong sales presentation… not on a sprinkling of shiny psychological pixie dust. Persuasive advertising is mostly the product of far less glamorous work, like explaining why your solution is superior, building trust with the prospective client, and outlining the advantages of taking action.

But that’s not to say that the shiny psychological techniques don’t exist. They absolutely do. And every so often, you come across a perfect one: a technique that’s powerful and compelling, that works instantly, and that you can apply with just a handful of well-chosen words.

The “magic phrase” I describe above is one of those techniques. Admittedly, the words themselves will be different for each business — because different people are looking for different things. But once you understand the simple principle behind the technique, you can easily pinpoint your own “magic phrase”: the one that grips your prospects in a quasi-obsessive state in which they desire you and you alone.

This technique is just one of the six techniques that I have, a little romantically, named Silver Bullets™. All six are simple to understand. All six are easy to apply. All six are super-effective: each can boost an ad’s response rate 25%… 50%… sometimes even 100%.

A while ago, I created six single-page “cheat sheets” — one for each Silver Bullet. Partly a mini-tutorial in psychology, partly a real-world action plan, each cheat sheet will show you how to apply one of these unusually persuasive tactics to your advertising.

Silver Bullet #1 (demo)Silver Bullet #2 (demo)Silver Bullet #3 (demo)

Silver Bullet #4 (demo)Silver Bullet #5 (demo)Silver Bullet #6 (demo)

(Click on any thumbnail to open up a full-size preview. Note that these preview images are blurred.)

Now, you can download all six Silver Bullets cheat sheets entirely free of charge. The only catch? The zip file you’ll be downloading, which contains the Silver Bullets PDFs, also contains an information pack for my consulting services.

You’re under no obligation to do anything with this information pack. Read it. Don’t read it. Delete the file without even opening it. Your choice. All I ask is that you just download the information pack. I’m hoping that, perhaps, if it’s already sitting around on your hard drive, you might be tempted to take a sneaky peek or two or three. But it’s entirely up to you.

With this in mind, may I offer you six Silver Bullets of persuasion?

Download the Silver Bullets™ cheat sheets

“Gil-Ad’s advice is direct and actionable... His insights on salesmanship, customer- (not company-) focused ads and measurable results are refreshingly simple.”

Chris Williams,
MBA (Harvard)


“Concise and credible... takes much of the confusion and clutter out of what good advertising is all about.”

Tim York, CEO
Unistraw Int’l Ltd
Sydney, Australia


“The letter Gil-Ad wrote for us got a 6% response rate and brought in over £23 for every £1 we spent on the mailing. It is -- by far -- the most successful fundraising package in the club’s history.”

Philip Young,
Secretary 2011-13
Oxford University
Pistol Club


“[15-minutes of advice] like a college course in sales copy.”

Will Atkinson
Texas-based online entrepreneur


“You are amazing in your copy, I love the [headline idea], that is light years ahead of what I had and that was just off the top of your head. Wow.”

Edward W. Smith, MBA
New York

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