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“Takes the science of writing persuasive advertising that SELLS for any product or service, and makes it simple.”

Scott Murdaugh,
Marketing Strategist
Springfield, MO


“Gil-Ad Schwartz could very easily become the next Gitomer for the Advertising world. His style brings to the forefront common sense that relates direct to profits.”

Kim Kalan,
VP Marketing & Sales
Route 29 Caramels
Golden Valley, Minnesota


“I’ve long said that the best copywriters also make great teachers, with that rare ability to make key points so clear and easy to understand -- they seem obvious... Gil-Ad Schwartz proves that point, presenting deep concepts with a practical, easy-to-grasp approach.”

Alan Carr, Author,
Carr’s Copywriting Checklist for Professional Copywriters

Consulting Conditions

If you like the sound of my methodology, there’s a good chance that I’m well-suited to help you.

But before we move forward — to make absolutely sure that we’re a good fit — I’d like you to confirm that you meet four important criteria:

1. You understand that the sole focus of my services, broadly termed “salesmanship and persuasion consulting”, is to get you more clients. The scope of these services is necessarily wide. It includes areas which can be described as advertising, marketing, sales, and occasionally even product development and customer service.

These are not copywriting services or design services. Sure, copywriting and design are part of the package, but I am above all else a strategist. What you’re paying for, first and foremost, is my ability to orchestrate an A-Z client-getting campaign. This big-picture type of work is where I truly shine.

If you’re looking for something narrower in scope — like a single brochure or a direct mail package that’s part of a larger marketing plan — I’m probably not the right person for the job. This is for two reasons. First, hiring me won’t be cost-effective for you. There are many excellent copywriters who can produce first-rate ad copy without charging my kind of fees. Second, even if you did hire me, I wouldn’t enjoy the project as much. This means, ultimately, that the standard of my work will be slightly lower than what I’m capable of delivering.

For these reasons, I only take on carte-blanche projects, where I can give you the full value of your investment — and much more — by allowing my creative genius to produce truly exceptional results for you.

2. You see advertising as a means of attracting new clients, and not as a means of boosting your ego. If we’re going to work together, it’s crucial that we’re on the same page here. Advertising is not art. Advertising is a specialist craft.

With this in mind, I respectfully ask that you agree not to veto my work on any ground other than:

  1. compliance with legal requirements;
  2. correction or removal of factual errors;
  3. ethical concerns; or
  4. maintenance of an aura of professionalism.

Beyond these four exceptions, you agree to give me the space in which I can do my job.

Let me put it this way: when you sell your house, you trust your realtor to write a listing and give viewings. You don’t offer word-for-word feedback. When you’re in court, you trust your attorney to write arguments and examine witnesses. You don’t review the arguments sentence by sentence.

I ask you for the same professional courtesy. Whether or not you “like” the materials I produce is, by and large, irrelevant to me — as long as the materials aren’t illegal, misleading, unethical or unprofessional, of course. That’s not to say that I will heavy-handedly blast ahead like a deluded theatrical director, oblivious to everything save for my “creative vision.” Not at all.

Quite the opposite, actually.

No matter what comments or concerns you may have, I’ll listen carefully, thoroughly, until you feel that I’ve fully understood what you have to say. Then, I’ll weigh your concerns against other professional considerations. Where it’s possible — most of the time — we’ll go with whatever most appeals to you. Where there’s a conflict between what you want and the end-goal of getting more clients, the end-goal will take precedence.

Please make sure you understand this. I promise you an effective, persuasive client-getting machine. I do not promise that you’ll personally like it from an aesthetic point of view. This is a non-negotiable safeguard to my professional integrity, and I hope you can see where I’m coming from.

3. Your business does not involve any of the following:

In a nutshell, I’d love to work with you as long as your business isn’t in its nature dishonest or exploitative, and as long I don’t feel that my reputation would be damaged by my association with you.

Unsure whether your business falls within the restrictions above? Talk to me about it. We’ll have a frank conversation about your concerns. If it turns out we’re not suited to work together, I’ll probably be able to refer you to someone who’ll be happy to take on your kind of project.

4. You truly need a more effective client-attracting system, and you’re willing to commit the resources necessary to get such a system up and running. This includes not only a commitment to the consulting fees we’ve agreed upon, but also to the time, effort, and expenses involved in the creation of your advertising and marketing process.

You see, there are usually foundations to be laid before we can build a long-lasting, compelling, and credible advertising campaign. These foundations require investment, but I promise you it’s worth it — because while your competitors are all pinning their hopes on a handful of “magic words,” you’ll stand strong behind advertising which communicates a message of real substance.

Does that sound reasonable to you?

If you meet my criteria, then there’s nothing that would thrill me more than to transform your business into your industry’s Mount Olympus, and then revel in the satisfaction of watching you happily drink the nectar of the gods all day long while your competitors stew with envy.

May I make this vision a reality? Send me your contact details, and I’ll get back in touch with you via e-mail to schedule a time for us to talk:

Get in touch

“Gil-Ad’s advice is direct and actionable... His insights on salesmanship, customer- (not company-) focused ads and measurable results are refreshingly simple.”

Chris Williams,
MBA (Harvard)


“Concise and credible... takes much of the confusion and clutter out of what good advertising is all about.”

Tim York, CEO
Unistraw Int’l Ltd
Sydney, Australia


“The letter Gil-Ad wrote for us got a 6% response rate and brought in over £23 for every £1 we spent on the mailing. It is -- by far -- the most successful fundraising package in the club’s history.”

Philip Young,
Secretary 2011-13
Oxford University
Pistol Club


“[15-minutes of advice] like a college course in sales copy.”

Will Atkinson
Texas-based online entrepreneur


“You are amazing in your copy, I love the [headline idea], that is light years ahead of what I had and that was just off the top of your head. Wow.”

Edward W. Smith, MBA
New York

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